About Us

Scotland’s foremost experts in Microsoft cloud technology, we pride ourselves on our strong technical background in IT and laser like focus on these services.  We work with our customers to create an IT strategy where applicable, and help fully realise key business goals.

Key Personnel

Steffen “Running up that Hill” Gorgas

Executive Director


Originally from the outside of Berlin – Germany, Steffen moved over to Scotland over 23 years ago as a student, followed by a short-lived career as a programmer then technical consultant, before entrepreneurial fever struck. Steffen’s first business was formed in 1999. Our sister company Betasoft was started by Steffen in 2005 and is still going strong today providing print and document workflow solutions.

Mark “The Troubleshooter” Thomson

Executive Director


Mark first began working with Steffen in 2010 as part of a new chapter in Betasoft. That job role expanded from an IT analyst role to Lead Technical Consultant which included quotations, pre-sales, management, and more.  Today Mark performs sales, marketing, and pre-sales functions within Nimbus 365.

Iain “Riker” Lennox

Lead Technical Consultant


Iain has played a key role in providing Microsoft cloud solutions for many years prior to wider public adoption of cloud services, and continues to have an almost unhealthy obsession with everything Microsoft related.  Iain is responsible for day to day operations and some technical pre-sales.


We are based in the centre of Glasgow, Scotland with remote workers across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

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