About Us

Scotland’s foremost experts in Microsoft cloud technology, we pride ourselves on our strong technical background in IT and laser like focus on these services.  We work with our customers to create an IT strategy where applicable, and help fully realise key business goals.

Key Personnel

Mark ``The Troubleshooter`` Thomson

Executive Director

Marks typical operational roles include sales, marketing, and technical pre-sales functions within Nimbus 365.  Mark started at a print management solution / document capture organisation called Betasoft in 2010 and still provides consultancy to them using his technical background.  Having an analytical mind and obsession with perfection means no stone is left unturned.

Iain ``Riker`` Lennox

Lead Technical Consultant

Iain has played a key role in providing Microsoft cloud solutions for many years prior to wider public adoption of cloud services, and continues to have an almost unhealthy obsession with everything Microsoft related.  Iain is responsible for day to day operations and some technical pre-sales.

Lorraine ``The Seeker`` Sommerville

Business Development Executive

Lorraine brings a wealth of experience to the table in identifying business problems, understanding requirements, and engaging the right resources.  Lorraine has worked in various industries across the UK and understands the philosophy of ‘to sell is not to sell’.


We are based in the centre of Glasgow, Scotland with remote workers across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

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