Accounts Payable Automation

End-to-End Invoice Process Automation

Receiving, handling, approving, and storing invoice data & sheets is a time consuming process faced by every business today.  Additionally the format of an invoice is often out with the control of the receiver, meaning invoices might come in paper or electronic format.  Nimbus 365 have created a bespoke SharePoint Online solution which saves time, cost, and introduces a clear audit trail for compliance.

The Steps:

1# Automatic classification of incoming invoices via email or paper by using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to recognise the invoice type.  No sorting is required by the user, just scan a bunch of invoices or email them to

2# Automatic data capture from an image of the invoice such as:

  • Supplier Name / Customer Name
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Data
  • Invoice Total
  • Order Number Reference
  • Any other printed data on the image

3# Electronic routing of this captured data and the invoice document itself to a web based portal to verify data captured is correct

4# Once marked for approval, an audited approval process for relevant users / groups of users to approve the invoice begins also via the web portal.  This can be a multi-stage process or single stage.  After approval the invoice data can be routed in to an account package such as Opera, Sage, or Xero automatically.

Download Whitepaper:

Invoice Automation.pdf

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