MS Azure

Move practically any service to the cloud

  • Deliver any application virtually without need of a terminal server or VDI using RemoteApp
  • SQL Server platform allows you to use SQL while Microsoft maintains the backend
  • Web Server platform allows you to create scalable sites which Microsoft maintains in the backend
  • Deploy hosted virtual machines from a list of prebuilt images
  • Back up any data to multiple redundant locations

Server Consolidation

Our aim at Nimbus 365 is to help transition customers infrastructure to the cloud. Many modern services are provided as SAAS (Software As A Service) by Office 365, or our own products, however some traditional services still require a fully managed virtual machine.

We can help confirm when this is really the case, and when it is we will put together a proposal showing the full benefit of moving the service to Azure.  Please view our consultancy services section for more information, or call our consultants any time on 0141 628 7088

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