Email Cloud Migration

Considering moving to Office 365 hosted email but worried about downtime / service interruption? We have fully document process for minimising the impact to your business. We migrate from the following sources:

  • On-Premise Exchange server
  • Any on-premise 3rd party service e.g MDaemon
  • Google and other 3rd party cloud hosted mail services

File Cloud Migration

If you currently store files on server shares, on-premise document management systems, or other cloud storage services, consider looking at using Office 365 for file storage. Aside from deeper Office 365 integration with all your files, you receive a large amount of shared storage per user with most Office 365 plans (1 TB per user)

We have experience migrating from many sources including:

  • On-premise SharePoint services
  • On-premise file store / file servers
  • local desktop storage
  • Other 3rd party cloud storage services

Single Sign On

To fully utilise the many services available, Office 365 must store an account identity for every single user. There are three ways this can be handled:

  • Create an Office 365 account which is stored in the Microsoft Cloud
  • Manage and synchronise local account data (Active Directory) with Office 365
  • Manage local account data (Active Directory), but use an intermediate service known as Active Directory Federation Services to synchronise local account data. This allows the users password to be kept local at all times.

Telephone Cloud Migration

Do you currently incur large cost overheads for your existing telephony? Microsoft have recently (throughout 2016) introduced cloud PBX to the Office 365 portfolio through Skype for Business. We will help you confirm whether it is possible to port your existing phone numbers over, discuss with you all requirements, and produce a report confirming exactly how the service would be moved over along with any implications.  If you need services such as hunt groups, auto-attendant etc for your organisation please contact us.

User Training

If you already use Microsoft cloud services or any of our own hosted services for printing / scanning, we can arrange to either remotely or onsite perform user training sessions for all levels of technical audience.

Microsoft Technology Workshop

Interested in learning more about Microsoft Cloud services? If you are a new company we will provide a free remote consultancy workshop. We have several workshops targeted for all verticals, or if preferred we can simply have an informal chat about any services.

Site Readiness Assessement

Many existing businesses are either not ready to embrace cloud IT services, or have certain limitations which need to be overcome such as connectivity. Nimbus 365 can analyse the expected load over the network, check the services available for the building, and build a report showing which services on the network are eligible to move to the cloud along with any implications of making the move.

Business Process Analysis

Do you feel your business is stuck in the past and could use a fresh pair of eyes from an IT perspective? We can analyse processes for unnecessary manual work or inefficiencies in the process, produce a conceptual process design, and if agreed we will implement the required IT services to introduce the new process changes.

Custom Development

We have experience developing custom solutions in the more complex Microsoft service offerings.

SharePoint: we can create custom workflows and web form overlays utilising document meta data and more.

Power BI: we have experience creating dashboards from a wide variety of sources, primarily Excel and SQL.

Dynamics CRM Online: we can help manage sales, marketing, and service activities by creating an interface tailored to your business needs.

Aside from creating custom development solutions for our customers, we are continually reviewing our internal IT to ensure we are working as efficiently as we can. We utilise all of the above as part of our own IT strategy.

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