Managed Services

  • Pro-active monitoring using agent based monitoring tools installed locally to instantly alert and raise an issue on the Nimbus 365 helpdesk the moment a problem occurs.
  • Expert helpdesk with a long history in supported on-premise technologies, cloud technologies, and the transition from one to the other where applicable.
  • ITIL process driven service with strict policies on resource access, change management, and ticket escalation processes.
  • Potentially remove the need for a large onsite IT team and reduce to key personnel who can focus more on the interesting bits and decision making.
  • Work with a service provider who embrace and lead with products designed to minimise administrative work, and maximise user experience.

The Change to OpEx

As part of our managed contract we continually assess and suggest improvements.  One of the concepts we promote is that of subscription based costs for hardware, software, and services.   This brings with it the benefit of IT becoming a purely operation expenditure for the business improving cash flow projections and lowering outset costs.  In particular with hardware the benefits are:

  • Hardware will always be updated within a reasonable time period, typically 3 years.
  • All hardware is permanently covered by a next business day onsite hardware engineer.
  • Hardware is consistent for all users, only the package level changes based on agreed capabilities required for each type of user.
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