Human Resources

If you’ve used a traditional HR system where HR is it’s singular purpose, you may know the pain of having an isolated world disconnected from other systems, records, documents, and other crucial business data.  Using a system built in SharePoint inherently means all these benefits are realised with minimal or no customisation required, though should business requirements change, the system is adaptable enough by anyone with basic SharePoint knowledge.

Key Features:

1# Separate areas for HR, department managers, and users within a single place.

2# Keep all regularly fluctuating data in one place: job descriptions, user identities, appraisal documents, staff history, profile information etc.  Realise the full benefit of not having either an isolated system with this information, or having to duplicate workloads.

3# End-to-end employee recruitment, on-boarding, management, and leavers, all managed from a single interface.

4# Areas for self service HR requests such as annual leave request, grievances, or any other questions.

5# Published versions of official information such as pension schemes, staff handbooks, company policies etc. all controlled centrally, with optional workflow processes to approve the official current versions.

6# Integration with any 3rd party payroll packages available using a tool developed by Nimbus 365.

7# Automate as little or as much as you want through additional customisations.  Want to automatically populate job applications in to a single place directly from an applications@ mailbox, and automatically strip out key information such as the name and email? No problem, we’ll provide upfront costs if that is desired so nothing is hidden.

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