Order Processing

Using accounting systems such as Xero, Sage, Opera, QuickBooks etc ? You may have experienced one or more of the following limits for dealing with your businesses orders:

  1. Many accounting systems have no concept of a sales order.
  2. Applying company policy to documents, such as retention / archiving.
  3. Attaching additional data / documentation to an order such as electronic order documents.
  4. Tracking the progress of an order without using a decoupled document e.g spreadsheet.
  5. Report granularity, for example how much revenue is based on a renewal contract.
  6. Automated workflow tasks, for example setting that all invoices from a certain supplier require approval, and to who, or all purchase orders over £1k must be approved by the requestors line manager.

Our Order Processing system helps organisations overcome these issues by utilising Office 365 licenses which normally already exist within the business to provide a simplified, efficient, and cost effective system which can address all of these points and more.

Key Points

  1. Create a sales or purchase order directly from Outlook using our ‘Nimbus Connect’ add-in.
  2. Apply standard policies on documents stored directly in SharePoint Online.
  3. Customise what additional information / documentation you want to track with the order.
  4. Report on data broken down on your own terms, not limited by accounting detail.
  5. Attach virtually limitless workflow capabilities to improve business automation.

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