ECM Overview

Key ECM Features

Nimbus 365 have vast industry experience in delivering end to end content management solutions encompassing the following key components:

Capture: Our SharePoint Online ECM solution can capture from a multitude of sources: email, scanner devices / Multi Function Devices, external file systems, user system interaction, or automated system APIs.  Part of the process may include image clean-up, rotation, and form recognition.

Management: Once we have digitally captured information from a source location, we typically utilise out-the-box functionality for SharePoint Online DMS which allows us to offer management of documents including check-in/out, version control, and search/navigation.  Collaboration on Office 365 documents can allow multiple users to work on the same document live.  A powerful workflow system allows us to create business processes for any number of scenarios, often relating to approval processes.

Archiving: Company policy / governance typically dictates how long data must be archived for compliance purposes.  SharePoint Online has RMS capabilities allowing us to create automatic policies for certain types of documents, or allow a user to manually specify when a record should be archived.

Delivery: For business requirements where output is required such as feeding certain types of data / documents in to another system, SharePoint Online is capable of extracting metadata, business information, and file storage in to any required output such as XML outputs.  For a number of organisations we have helped integrate SharePoint Online with backend account packages, ERP packages, and various other scenarios.

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