RMS Overview

Key RMS Features

Not to be confused with SharePoint Online Rights Management Services, the SharePoint Online Record Management System is the go-to functionality for organisations who are concerned with the life-cycle of business information, with particular focus on policies controlling the long term classification, access, and retention of records.  Records are *any* information created, received, and maintained within an organisation, generally in relation to business policy and legal obligations.  Typically any member of staff with the following responsibilities might be interested in this SharePoint Online solution:

  • Setting policies and standards
  • Assigning responsibilities and authorities
  • Establishing and promulgating procedures and guidelines
  • Providing a range of services relating to the management and use of records
  • Designing, implementing and administering specialized systems for managing records
  • Integrating records management into business systems and processes

The main elements we help organisations utilise SharePoint Online for in these areas are:

  • Legal compliance
  • Security & data disposal
  • Transparency
  • Adoption and implementation
  • Impact of internet and social media
  • Records life cycle management
  • Conversion of paper records to electronic form
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