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Over the course of 2016, Microsoft have extended the Office 365 portfolio within the UK to provide a new hosted phone service option which integrates all the benefits of a hosted IP-PBX with Office 365 by expanding the Skype for Business service:

This new service allows SMB businesses access to phone services previously only commercially accessible to enterprise accounts.   The key points of the service are:

  • Accessible out side the business network
  • There are no phone lines required
  • No IT experience is required as this is managed by Nimbus 365 as a Microsoft partner
  • The costs are purely based on users on a monthly basis and can be adapted as such
  • Users can dial from Skype for Business or any Office application with Skype integration
  • Handsets, headsets, or computer speakers / microphones can be used
  • Voicemail to email, hunt groups, forwarding, and various other enterprise capabilities

Many users of IP-PBX phone services are familiar with advanced features such as hunt-groups, voicemail services etc. All of these functions are exposed within the Skype for Business application itself:

For businesses with users who make international calls, there is a separate monthly cost to allow local only or local & domestic calls on a per user basis. There is also a separate cost on a per user basis to enable a user to start a Skype for Business meeting with full computer video / audio along with a national or international call in number:

Interested in learning more? Call us and we can provide further detail, provision a trial, or run through a live remote session to see the service in action.

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